Research for Titanic

So as everyone knows, I am kind of a research fiend…. I love researching and making sure that the ideas I have are justified and that I have a leg to stand on.

While trying to figure out what kind of collar boning I would need for my guimp for the tea dress I found this:

These collar stays are exactly the solution I needed for my guimp and we can make them at home.


Also I started sketching out the process for the 2 dresses and the guimp and I will be working on the mock-ups tomorrow.  The Tea Dress is requiring much more alteration then the Evening Gown, I definitely hadn’t expected that.  Also the sarees have been ordered and they will be here in the next week and a half and I will be ordering all of the silks at the end of the week.  I am just getting more and more excited.