Recipe Chocolate Chip Truffle Cake


So I thought I would add a little description. The cake is made from the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix. The icing is a modified chocolate ganache from “Sharing Sweet Secrets” by Pamela Moriarty, I adjusted how much 60% guiardelli chocolate drops by color and i upped the amount of cream and addeda Tbls of caster sugar to the outside cream to make it a tad sweet and both the inbetween and outside icing has a Tbls of amaretto liqour in the mix. Oh so tasty… i have never made my own truffles, but this cake tasted just like the organic truffles from heb central market.


Blackberry Cobbler


Pre Bake Cobbler with hand torn crust.

The recipe can be found here: and you can see the changes I made down in the comments.


Look at that crispy crust!

And it was so tasty!


Fantastic with Ice Cream (soy that is)!