Blackwork Jacket

So E has challenged me to make myself a blackworked coat, similar to the beautiful blackwork in Anonymous (beautiful blackwork, horrible storyline).

So I have found a coat pattern:

I will be doing the pattern that is slightly longer then the knee, but not so long as to be floor length.  I think this will allow me to wear the coat even when I don’t have a bustle on.

The fabric:

The lining:

The silk for the blackwork:


Here is the blackwork I have designed:


It is 3.5″ wide and 4.5″ long repeating pattern. 

I will be doing the pattern in long lines down the coat, with probably 2.5″ between the longitudinal striped blackwork.

Since the jacket will not always be closed I am going to do a simple thin pattern on the turn back:


This pattern is approx 1/2″ wide and will run the length of the inside and up the turn of the coat.