Evening Dress Pictures

I have been very busy recently as I have just started a new job, which is awesome, but tiring.


Here are the pictures of the Evening dress.  I have a few critiques to start with I have already received a couple yards of black lace that I will be adding at the waist and down the back where the dress is hook and eye latched together to hide the stitching.  I really want to add something to break up the waist on the dress.

The Evening Dress.

I am in love with the square neck on the dress, I love the sarees and how they made the dress just pop.  It was worth all of the time!  The little train in the back was fantastic and I actually really enjoyed taking the trim off of the saree and then replacing it where it needed to go.

The wonderful colors of the Evening Dress.

Here are a couple silly pictures from the evening…

Titanic Zombie! I even made her drop her glove…

After a long night… I was still hungry! (I am secretly a BRAIN SUCKER!)




Planning Phase – Part 4

So this is the evening dress section.  This one I am super excited about as I have found the perfect Saree fabrics to make it out of.

First, here is the image (the one on the left):


This is from a Harper's Bizarre, I don't remember which issue, but it was in 1912.

This will again be using the dress pattern from Laughing Moon:

I do not know which train I will use, I have a feeling it will depend more on how the fabrics lay out.

Here is the best part, the fabrics, I was flipping through my saree emails this morning and they had sent out a set of sequin sarees and these gems were hidden inside:



Black and Wine Saree



Wine and Black Saree

I am going to focus the wine accent pieces on the front center opening of the dress and have it be primarily black accent in the back.