Corset Combination

First I started with the Simplicity Pattern 2890, which is one of the Historical patterns.  From there I took it apart and decided on the format I wanted for the combination.  I had already decided that I wanted the combination to be sleeveless, almost like a tank-jumper.


I also made the combination so that it has a split crotch, I want to be able to go to the bathroom when I am all dolled up!

The fabric I chose was a cotton gauze for how light weight the fabric is and the fact that it is super breathable.


I got a nice crochet cotton lace and wove a 1/4″ cream ribbon through it in order to create a drawstring at the top and at the knees.  If you take a look at the pattern I decided to keep the pants almost whole and the top waistband is actually the waistband between the tube top and the pantelets.

The outfit so far is very comfortable and I am very excited about how it is coming together.

Edit:  On Wednesday I got a few shots of the Combination without the Corset.

This corset cover is a combination that is connected at the waistband.

The Corset Cover split can be seen a little here and the top is dropping down a bit since the corset is off.