Planning of 18th Century Undergarments

The printer has been obtained and I have decided on the Corsets and Crinolines whalebone stay and the panniers d’acier a charnieres.


I am going to end up using cable ties instead of boning and 16 gauge wire instead of hoop wire due to my constraints in Turkey.  I do have access to great fabrics so I am not worried about the quality and I will be using a twill instead of coutil.  There is a wide selection of ribbon so I am going to try and find velvet but I will do my best.

Next step is going to be getting a cheap sheet and making a mockup of the bodice.  Our shipment with the sewing machines should be here in a couple weeks and I will see what I can get done with the hand crank I got for Christmas!


New Project!


I am now in Ankara, Turkey and we have been presented the opportunity to go to a Masqued Ball in Versailles, France! At *THE PALACE*!  I have 6 months to plan and implement with a small hindrance of my go-to supplies not being readily at hand.  We have started the initial planning and we have now decided on being a Revolutionary War couple coming to court to celebrate the win of the Americans with the help of the French.  Erick wants to be an Infantry Captain and I will be his lovely wife in a truly extravagant dress.


Pattern for Erick: Regimental Coat SF201 and Waistcoat SF202.  He would like short breeches to go with his knee high boots.


Color scheme would be black velvet, white silk, dove grey wool, silver/pewter.

Patterns for Whitney: 

I have decided to go with a closed front robe à la française, there will be a dramatic hat and wig involved.  If my white leather boots are in the shipment from  Houston (I really can’t remember where I packed them) they are of the appropriate style and I will wear those.  I will need panniers and I want to build a full boned stay. The patterns I am looking at are free

My dress will involve a lot of hand beading and creativity and will mostly take the 6 months that I have to complete!