Model Mayhem

So I was talking to my friend J last night when we went out after modeling in a hair show, and she commented that she has a model mayhem site.  I have heard of this from a couple people out at the Ren Fest and didn’t really know anyone that hadn’t done it just for bikini shots.  J has done quite a few shoots with different photographers and she has had positive experiences.

E kinda gave me a funny look when I said I was thinking about getting a site on there and was going through the lists of do’s and don’t’s that I would need to have in my profile.  Well first off, I am terrible at writing about myself… so I don’t really know how to write this profile to start with.  I did find some interesting bits in that they also have pages for costume designers, so I am looking forward to getting my stuff up there in that respect after the Titanic event.  Right now I will have to use the engagement pictures as my modeling submission, but they look really good so I am not worried.  We also have a wide range of attire in that instance because of all the costume changes I asked for.

We will see.


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