Planning Phase – Part 5

The fabrics for E’s stuff is pretty straight forward.

I already have:


From Joann Fabric Brocade section.

This is what I will be matching my day dress too.  I will also be using a similar shiny silk satin as the backer for the day vest.  I will most likely have to send off for a few swatches to make sure I can color coordinate.

The next portion is the men’s suit, including pants, jacket, and vest:

I love fashion fabrics club and they have 2 very nice selections of a tropical weight black wool <; and a charcoal grey silk lining <;.

The men’s shirt pieces, since I will doing one shirt and 2 sets of cuffs and 2 collars.  I am going to go with a fabric that I know and love, the Ramie Linen, which is a much more durable linen fiber then the standard linen <;.  I may see if there is still any to be had from the original bolt I bought for the wedding.

I think that for the ties I will make 3 to give options, I will probably make the day ties out of a matching teal/blue color to coordinate with all of the rest of the garments.  For the evening I will have to make a black tie, for bow ties the standard is silk also, so I will probably need to get some black silk of the same quality as the teal/blue.

I do have to say I am really having trouble finding a blue/teal that compliments.


I think I found it! An aqua/teal/blue/green to match.  The website offers free sampl, so I have sent for one, but here is the link <;.


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