Planning Phase – Part 3

So this will be a long post, due to the fact that it is kind of hard to break up the men’s fashion.

First the patterns:

The California Pant, omg, so there are 26 pieces to these pants, who knew pants could be this complicated.  I have made my solid patterns off the tissue pieces using this instructable <; and it worked fabulously, even E was impressed.

So there are some things that E will only be getting one of, the pants for one and the suit coat for the second:

The coat will be single breasted as that is what E prefers.

Next come the vests, one will be colorful for the day look and go with a subdued shirt collar and cuff and the lower cut one will be out of the same black as the suit pant and jacket with a higher collar and bow tie.

Then the shirts, this pattern is awesome for the simple fact that it has so many options.  All of the pieces for all of E’s patterns are made into solid pattern pieces, we just had to narrow down what he wanted:

I am going to put fabrics in another post.  This one is long enough!


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