Planning Phase – Part 2

The next garment is the Post Edwardian Day Dress.

As I was doing my research, I was not thrilled with any of the images that I found as most just looked like the ones from the Titanic movie (with Leonardo DiCaprio) or they had more lace work then I can deal with right now.  I finally came across this image and I was sold…



This will become my 1912 Day Dress.

So to go along with Erick’s vest that I will outline later, I am thinking of doing a silk teal with the following trim:

I don’t know what fabric yet, but seeing as I don’t have the corset finished yet or the mock up of the dress done, this isn’t a huge problem.

This is the pattern I will be using for the base on both the evening and the day dress, how you lay the top layers and set up the trains.

The day dress will have a lace GUIMP, and look close to View A.  When it comes to the lace I am probably going to do some more research and then look for some antique lace.


One thought on “Planning Phase – Part 2

  1. Niiiiice. Me likey! 😀

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