Research for Titanic

So as everyone knows, I am kind of a research fiend…. I love researching and making sure that the ideas I have are justified and that I have a leg to stand on.

While trying to figure out what kind of collar boning I would need for my guimp for the tea dress I found this:

These collar stays are exactly the solution I needed for my guimp and we can make them at home.


Also I started sketching out the process for the 2 dresses and the guimp and I will be working on the mock-ups tomorrow.  The Tea Dress is requiring much more alteration then the Evening Gown, I definitely hadn’t expected that.  Also the sarees have been ordered and they will be here in the next week and a half and I will be ordering all of the silks at the end of the week.  I am just getting more and more excited.


Corset – Finished!

I worked all day and got it finished up!


Here is the whole thing put together!

Also thought I would give a little closeup of the lace trim, antique of course.


The lace trim.


Corset – Final Fitting

I finished sewing all of the facings while E cooked us a fabulous dinner and then finished setting the grommets after dinner, since all of that equipment is downstairs.  I really like the look of the corset, even without the boning.


Front of the corset with bone casing sewn in but no bones.


Back of the corset with bone casing sewn in but no bones.

I decided to go with a bit more of a demi-cup then the underbust that the original pattern called for.  Lucky for me, I am a bit small chested so I can get away without boning in the breast area.  I will be adding two hood and eye set-ups to the front top to keep that area secure and closed though.

Tomorrow is boning and finalizing.

Model Mayhem

So I was talking to my friend J last night when we went out after modeling in a hair show, and she commented that she has a model mayhem site.  I have heard of this from a couple people out at the Ren Fest and didn’t really know anyone that hadn’t done it just for bikini shots.  J has done quite a few shoots with different photographers and she has had positive experiences.

E kinda gave me a funny look when I said I was thinking about getting a site on there and was going through the lists of do’s and don’t’s that I would need to have in my profile.  Well first off, I am terrible at writing about myself… so I don’t really know how to write this profile to start with.  I did find some interesting bits in that they also have pages for costume designers, so I am looking forward to getting my stuff up there in that respect after the Titanic event.  Right now I will have to use the engagement pictures as my modeling submission, but they look really good so I am not worried.  We also have a wide range of attire in that instance because of all the costume changes I asked for.

We will see.

Corset Progress

So today I got almost finished, the only thing left to do tomorrow is adding boning, finishing seams, and adding the trim.


Right and left piece of the actual corset, with half of the seams finished.


This is how I make my own bias strips, fabulously easy.


This is both the left and right piece with all of the homemade bone casing sewn in and the waist strip sewn into place.

I will do another post with the try-on.

Corset Mock-Up

So I have delayed a bit in posting this because I don’t really like how my body looks right now, but I am going to do it for documentation sake.


Front after pinning (inside out).


Back after pinning (inside out).

I took all of E’s pin marks and transferred the alterations to the pattern and then back to the mock-up.  I restitched the new lines on the mock-up and got this as a result:


Front after re-stitching (right side out).


Back after re-stitching (right side out).